Saturday, 9 June 2012

Raining on Oxford Street #London #iphone #iphoneography #jmv_hipsta_johns #raining #US1776

From the comfort and protection of the number 74 bus, I had a fascinating ride from Bloomsbury to Victoria, shooting with my iPhone set to the recently discovered Hipstamatic combination of the John S lens and the US1776 film, which is perfect for grainy street shots. It was chilly and absolutely pouring with rain, so rain spots on the bus window added to the texture of the pictures and increased sense of wetness.

Some shots I took when the bus was static (a pretty regular thing as the traffic on Oxford Street was terrible), others when it was moving to get the blurred effect. I shot so many that my battery was all but dead when I got home, and obviously lots didn't work, but a handful came out really well and I was very happy with this new way of taking photographs.