Saturday, 22 September 2012

Travels Through the Spectrum Exhibition - Part 4

Saturday was quieter than I'd hoped it would be, but maybe just as well since I was nursing a slight hangover from my birthday celebrations the night before - one too many Pina Colada's!  Had some children from the Saturday Art Group visit the gallery, the idea being that they look at the latest exhibition and then go downstairs and create their own interpretation of what they've seen using paint and various other media - a very good idea I thought.

My friend Ted nobly came over from South London on the train (may not sound that far but not particularly direct on public transport) and brought me a box of choccies which was nice :)  Mark came along a bit later with Scott, Alun, Matt and Kate, and Jeremy arrived with Romany and Ellis which was great.  No sales today but still a good day.

My car as it was when I returned to it last night - the last time I
park under a tree - that was one incontinent bird! 
Delicious chocolate brownie and reviving mug of Earl Grey 
Some of the art group children with their tutor

Ted (oh, the concentration!) 

Ellis and Romany look at my books 
Mark and Jeremy 

Another art group member 
Ted in his cool, unbreakable shades

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