Monday, 27 May 2013

Venice Day 3: Shopping

This morning we headed out to Rialto Market in order to purchase fruit, salad and supper for a couple of evenings.  As the sun was shining I optimistically put on a spaghetti-strapped maxi dress, cautiously packing a cardigan into my bag just in case, and we were only five minutes from the apartment before I had to don the latter.  It may have been sunny but the breeze was still quite chilly.  I think this put off quite a few people from sitting outside on the vaporetto, so Mum and I were able to secure seats outside at the front - I let Mum sit in front of me to absorb more of the wind since she was wearing more layers than I was.

Rialto Bridge

On arrival at the market we headed straight for the chocolate shop to purchase 'essential' choccy bars, before meandering back to the fruit and vegetable stalls plus the butcher.  Saw this dear little dog waiting patiently in a shop doorway for its owner, couldn't resist taking a photograph.

This is the butcher which on one side seems to sell exclusively horse meat products, however we went to the opposite side to get some handmade burgers, one with courgettes and the other with spinach beautifully integrated within.  They could have been horse burgers but I don't think so!  Also got some salami and Parma ham, knowing that both are absolutely delicious from this wonderful shop.

After this we selected a stall from which to purchase fruit, tomatoes and that wonderful green salad of tiny leaves which is not available at home, but it's so fresh and delicious neither of us can get enough of it.

Once we had made all our purchases we made our way back to the vaporetto stop, but on the way I saw this souvenier stand and I had to take a photo because I loved the dummy heads with their hats and glasses.

Here are some of the delicious things that we bought at Rialto market:

This is the start of Mum's drawing of these tomatoes, complete with the feet of the artist. I told her she really needed to have her toenails painted red like mine to match tomatoes ;)

After lunch mum went for a rest, and I dithered for ages over the map trying to decide where to go this afternoon. In the end I couldn't decide on anywhere, but decided to just walk down to the local vaporetto stop and get on a boat to enjoy the experience.  Managed to get a seat outside near the front, so good views and was able to take a few photographs along the way, but generally just enjoyed being on a boat on the Grand Canal.

After an enjoyable ride I finally ended up at my favourite bar Paradiso near Giardini, where I sat in the sun for some considerable time drinking spritz and reading a book.  The wind blew over a glass of the first spritz that I ordered as the waiter was carrying it to my table, but he gave me the remaining half and brought me a fresh one so I did quite well out of that :)

As I was walking back to our apartment past the fragrant jasmine hedge, I caught the eye of a musician who was performing and we got chatting.  He had spent time in England so spoke very good English, his name was Mimmo and he ended up performing 'Stand by Me' just for me as well as giving me a CD of his own songs (which Mum and I later listened to over supper) which was really nice.  Told him that I was here with Mum and said I hoped we might see him up this way again so that I could introduce her.

When I was almost back at the apartment I saw Mum walking across the campo towards Bar Arsenale for a pre-supper drink, so naturally I joined her and we sat outside drinking Prosecco and watching the world go by.  What a great ending to a really lovely day!