Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Museum of Naval Firepower

Another interesting museum, although I far preferred all the vintage bits and pieces to the guns. Realised that I'm really not a big fan of looking at weapons designed to kill people :(

Camping it up!

I loved this exquisitely constructed model, everything perfectly replicated in tiny detail.

A bit of texture and dereliction in the grounds behind the museum.

Royal Navy Submarine Museum Part 1: HMS Alliance

A while back Mark and I each got a season ticket but admits us to all of the museums and attractions at Portsmouth Historic Docks. A lot of the times we have visited the New Forest we also go to Portsmouth to have a look at something else, and today was the day of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum. The highlight of the trip was looking round the HMS Alliance, which I found absolutely fascinating. As it had been operational during WW2 lots of period details and elements had been added to make it feel all the more authentic, and I found the whole experience quite realistic - I know for sure that I would never want to be in a submarine underwater - far too claustrophobic!

Serious selfie.

Less serious selfie with Mr B.

Mark is very easily pleased ;)

The magnificent HMS Alliance.

Was amused to note the name of the company that supplied these carrots!

Me 'driving' the submarine!

I loved all these dials, knobs and switches, had fun flicking and twiddling several of them.


The bunkbeds were small and sometimes very cramped-looking.