Friday, 1 March 2013

Model Shoot for The Yellow Wallpaper

A couple of weekends ago I took part in my first ever model shoot, at Lillesden School for Girls, where for the first time in my UrbEx history we had permission to be.  Joanne Wood originally contacted Mark after seeing his website, to ask if he would be interested in shooting some models wearing the beautiful  flower creations of Harriet Parry, at an abandoned girls' school.  Naturally he said yes, and I was also invited along as a second shooter. It turned out to be quite a long, cold but very interesting day. Mark took his lights and flashes on stands so he had quite a sophisticated lighting setup, whereas I was just using an on camera flash muted with a small soft box. We had two models, Emma and Clara, and Jo had also arranged for them and Jodie the make up artist to be based at the local pub, so at least they have somewhere warm to get prepared. However once they came to the school it was quite a different story, as it was an extremely cold day and the models were wearing what can only be described as scanty dresses, so we had to take a few photos and then let them put on coats to warm up briefly, before taking coats off for more photographs, and this was how we got through the day.

The theme was to be based on a short story from 1899 by author Charlotte Perkins Gilman, named 'The Yellow Wallpaper', describing one woman's descent into madness.

All the photographs here were shot on an iPhone 4s, using Hipstamatic/Adler 9009/C-Type Plate.

The original text of 'The Yellow Wallpaper'

Mark Blundell Photography
Harriet Parry Flowers

 Mark and Jo waiting to be let in

 Nick the caretaker opening up

 Self-portrait in the last remaining mirror

 All that remains of the beautiful mirror on the half landing
 Another selfie


 Roof slates left outside by thieves


 Harriet, Jo, model Emma and Rose

 Mark's photos were going straight to his iPad - 
very impressive!
 Emma wearing Harriet's flower collar

 Jodie touches up Clara's make-up
 Mark, Clara and Jo discuss the next shot

 Lovely Caspar in the Eight Bells pub
 Rose and Harriet
 Caspar begging Clara for some food

 "Gizza chip, go on, please!!"
 Rose shows Clara her phone photos
 Emma thawing out by the radiator
 Harriet and Jo
 Harriet and Rose
 Jodie creating Clara's next look

 Yet another self-portrait

 Where the mirror once was


Clara in the back of Harriet's car - the shoot is finished!