Sunday, 21 October 2018

Clandon Park, Part 4

I continued exploring the grounds, to see what else I could find.

The Grotto. 

The Cypress Avenue, sans cypresses. 

The Lime Walk. 

The church of St. Peter and St. Paul. 

Gorgeous autumnal flower displays in the church porch.

Autumn crocuses. 

The Dutch Garden, then and now. 

I sat for quite a long time on the white bench at the end, soaking up the sun and the peaceful atmosphere of the garden. Sheltered from the breeze and extremely warm, it was hard to tear myself away.

Not a very good photo, as I couldn’t focus close enough, but there were lots of ladybirds zipping around and many of them landed on me for short periods. They were very tickly on bare skin!

It was now mid-afternoon and well past lunchtime, and I was hungry so visited the cafe at the local garden centre for a toasted cheese sandwich. A very pleasant end to a really enjoyable and interesting visit.

Clandon Park, Part 3

There were some interesting artefacts salvaged from the fire on display in the basement.

The basement.

Looking up from the basement.

The house before and after.

I was quite glad to leave the basement and have a wander round the grounds, as the former was icily cold and I wasn’t wearing a coat. The warm sunshine outside certainly helped me to thaw out.

Side elevation of the house.

A pigeon had clearly met its end here, but I loved the dewdrops on the feathers.

The grave of a dog in the shrubbery.

Autumn details.

Clandon Park, Part 4