Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Pre-Talk Walk

I was due to lecture at Parkwood Camera Club last night, and as it was such a beautiful day I decided to drive to Kent earlier in the day, thus avoiding the worst of the traffic, and to have a sunny walk in the countryside. Looked on GoogleMaps to see what was in the area near the club, or at least on the way there, and discovered Blue Bell Hill close by. It sounded interesting and a pleasant place for a walk, although apparently quite haunted as well. Here are a couple of interesting links about the place: http://www.unofficialbritain.com/medway_megaliths/ and https://exemplore.com/paranormal/The-Ghost-Of-Blue-Bell-Hill. Fortunately I didn't have any sort of supernatural experience while I was there....

Fascinating wrinkled bark, reminded me of stockings falling down.

I do like the concept of the Dog Poo Fairy!

Found this dedication on a bench very touching.

Memorial for the air ambulance crash victims from 1998.

I might not be able to go barefoot outdoors many more times this year :(

Lovely temperatures quite late into the evening.

Not sure what was going on here - the woman and her little boy were in the driver's seat, the man perched on the car bonnet. They arrived together, but when she drove off the man was not in the car, and I don't know where he went....

Watching the sun disappear behind the hillside.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

A New Place to Walk

I felt the need for some 
‘away from it all time’, so went to investigate a local public footpath whose sign I spotted when I drove by the other day. It’s so easy to miss from the road, probably why I have never noticed it before despite having driven past that way many, many times!

I was exploring the area north of the Byfleet Electricity Switching Station, in between the Wey Navigation and the River Wey. It all felt very rural, starting by a field full of corn on the cob, then out into open fields with pylons and sheep, cows and goats. I love the fact that I can be somewhere so countrified within very short drive from my house. Will definitely go back for another walk, or maybe a cycle – it’s about time I got back on that bike!

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!

New Haw Lock

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Sunbury-on-Thames Walk, Beautiful Day

It was such a beautiful sunny September day, I knew that I couldn’t spend it indoors so headed off to Sunbury (where I used to live). This really feels like my spiritual home, so I had a very peaceful and special time there.

My old infants/middle school - this was certainly a blast from the past!

One of the possible routes I used to walk from home to school

The path towards Sunbury Park

Sunbury Park, which used to be part of the grounds of Hawke House, hence the mature cedar trees.

Cows now graze in Sunbury Park, this one was moo-ing at everyone else who came close but didn’t moo at me - call me the cow whisperer ;-)

A beautifully fragrant rose in the walled garden

Sat awhile on this lovely soft green grass, inhaling it’s scent and that of the roses

The green where I used to go to donkey derbys as a child