Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Walk Around Crystal Palace

Decided to go for a late afternoon walk around Crystal Palace with my iPhone, using the Hipstamatic app set to random, which means whenever the phone is shaken the lens and film change.  This is quite hit and miss as I don't like all of the combinations, but I thought it would be a different way to take photographs and to show just how much can be done with this single photography app.

Sometimes the choice of lens and film works really well for a particular subject, other times it just doesn't.  I wasn't checking the photos at first but later on I decided that I would so that I could have a chance to photograph them using a different combination.  Some of these photos were also taken very quickly, in order not to be spotted by the people in them, such as those waiting to cross the road where I mistimed the car driving past and pressed the shutter far too soon.

Unfortunately I only noticed when I got home that the resolution had been set to the lowest possible, as opposed to the highest possible that I normally use. I don't know whether this changed when I shook the phone to change the combination, something I'll have to watch out for in future, but it does mean that these photos are not the best quality.  I may just have to go out tomorrow and do it all again!