Friday, 5 September 2014

A Visit to the Library of Birmingham

I was at Smethwick Photographic Society last night, presenting my second talk, which seemed to go down quite well. Before that I was taken out for supper with Roger and Judith Parry of the Society and Dave Yates FRPS, and they all suggested that the new library in the centre of Birmingham well worth a visit for some photographs.

They had put me up overnight in a hotel as it is too far to drive home after the presentation, so after I had checked out this morning I drove into the centre of town to investigate. What a magnificent building it was! Despite a bit of hoo hah regarding the £189 million price-tag I thought it was a most impressive community facility and quite envy the people of Birmingham having it on their doorstep. If I lived there I would doubtless spend a lot of time in this library.

I loved all the patterns, shapes, angles, reflections, shadows and light all coming together to create a wonderful space. As I am still waiting for my DSLR to be replaced post-burglary by the insurance I only had my iPhone with me, but was very happy with the photographs that I took. There are quite a lot of them - I was very taken with the place in case you can't tell!