Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cornish Easter

Arrived safely at Linda's (Mark's Mum) after a relatively pain-free journey, although Jasper did pee on my arm and lap in the car in two separate incidents, so I was somewhat wet when I got there. It was a lovely sunny day so after I had washed and changed we sat in the garden in the sun drinking tea and catching up.

Jasper enjoying the extreme heat in the greenhouse. 

Charity shop window :)

The beach at Polzeath, very popular with surfers.

Me enjoying the lovely springy comfort of this cliff side grass.

Mark pointing moodily into the distance.

We walked from Polzeath to Rock along the beach, then hopped on the ferry for a very brief journey across the water to Padstow.

Our shadows in the harbour at Padstow.

Fish and chips for lunch, sitting by the harbour. It was delicious!

This seagull waited patiently while we ate our lunch, hoping for some scraps. He did get a few chips for good behaviour. 

On the ferry from Padstow to Rock.

Cliff walk from Rock to Polzeath.