Monday, 21 April 2014

Damp on Dartmoor

The weather forecast had promised rain and boy did we get it - what a contrast to yesterday!

Mark and Jasper having a little snuggle, before he and I braved the Great Outdoors.

The view through the rain-soaked window of Linda's conservatory.

Mark in the wood by the stream near Venford Reservoir, where we went in the afternoon. Linda lent me some waterproof trousers and a hat, both of which I was very thankful for as it was still raining steadily and I know my jeans would have soaked up the rain very quickly. Climbed down the steep bank in increments until we got to stream level, which was very pretty with mossy trees and rocks, and made our way along to the waterfall. Everything very wet and dripping but it was atmospheric. 

The waterfall. I couldn't decide which photo I preferred so have put both in. Both Mark and I took some long exposure shots to get the 'milky water' effect, which I will probably process in monochrome when I get home.

 A bone, one of several, probably a sheep.

There were lots of tufty lichen growths on the trees.

I was surprised to see lots of Gorse flowering, thought it was quite early.

Venford Reservoir.

Me with bad hair after I got hot, took off the hat and let my hair get wet.

Mark wearing his cap and Linda's hat at the same time, as you do.

Finally stopped at Combestone Tor, apparently the most accessible on Dartmoor since it is right next to the road. It was still raining but I was soaked at that point anyway and quite determined that the rain was not going to prevent me from taking photographs. Too busy taking photos with my Nikon to take many iPhone shots, so just the one for the blog.

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