Saturday, 30 May 2015

Day Trip to Durdle Door

Mark and I took a drive down to Dorset to have a walk around Lulworth to Durdle Door, a spot we have visited several times. It was a glorious day, quite windy but still very pleasant, and because of this lots of people had the same idea as us. I don't think I've ever seen the beach so 'crowded'.

iPhone panorama.

The Selfie :)

One of the parts about coming here that we both enjoy is the delicious ice cream, always a nice treat. I love rum & raisin but it doesn't seem to be that common, so I had two scoops of that plus tutti-frutti which is also quite a rarity these days. Sat on a fibreglass cow bench (as you do) to eat them.

The vote at Lulworth.

Bringing in fresh scallops, which had just been dropped off by a small fishing boat.

You can't get fresher than these!