Monday, 25 May 2015

Dungeness Part 2

I took so many photos at Dungeness I have had to divide the blog post into three parts!

As someone who loves to use texture overlays on many of my photographs, I'm always on the look out for interesting textures when I'm out and about, and there were plenty to be found on the machinery and battered old vehicles on the beach. The combination of metal with corrosion from the salty air was a great one for me. When I photograph these textures I always try to get the composition right, the same way that I would for a straightforward 'photo' photo, so that the texture image is ready to go without any cropping or editing needed.

Mark under a boat!

This shell looked to me as if it had printed writing on it.

Another double exposure experiment.

What's quite fun about using the iPhone camera and Hipstamtic is that I can shoot the same view but with completely different effects and atmosphere.

More of the iPhone camera and Hipstamtic alternative views.

This boat was looking a lot more wrecked this time than my previous visit some months ago.