Monday, 25 May 2015

Dungeness Part 3

Here's the final batch of photographs from Dungeness. I haven't counted them but I realise there are a lot, and there were hardly any rejects from this batch. I'm always very careful about composition so I don't usually have too many duff shots, apart from things like the occasional out of focus animals or people where there has been fast movement. I don't say this to be big-headed about my failure rate but believe it stems from my absolute love of taking photographs.

When I am in a location that really interests me in whatever way and from whichever photographic perspective, and I am taking photographs of this place, I am all-absorbed in the process to the extent that my sole focus is on composing and capturing those images. I see these images everywhere I look and everywhere I turn, I love composing, and the pleasure that I get in capturing these with my iPhone or camera is enormous for me - I am literally in a state of bliss when I am taking photos!

The satisfaction that I feel when I know I have shot something good is huge, and I can't wait to review them and then share the best ones on my website, blog, Flickr and Instagram. It sounds dramatic to say but I have realised quite recently that creating pictures is what I do, by whatever means, and it is what makes me the most happy.

This aluminium can was reduced to a papery metal mush after long exposure to the elements.

These three photographs were shot with Hipstamatic using the Sergio lens and KodotXGrizzled film, a combination I felt worked particularly well for the subject matter.

Three alternative versions of the same view. Crouched down and placed the phone at ground level to get these, so not very easy to see the screen, hence the annoying wonky horizon above. 

Some more of the glorious textures on the side of the old boats.

A touching memorial to somebody's beloved pet.

The iPhone camera view.

The Hipstamatic view with the Melodie lens and Love81 film.

The next few images were shot in Hipstamatic with the Mabel lens and Shilshole film. It was another combination that I felt worked especially well for the wrecked boat and the desolate hut on the beach,

Loved these three people striding along so purposefully with the dogs, and shot this very quickly as they walked by. This is the third attempt to get it right!

Mark and I stopped for a much needed cup of tea before we went home.

I liked the juxtaposition of the irises against the bleakness of the power station.

The Lighthouse in two different guises.

The boardwalk to the shore. Goodbye Dungeness until next time!