Sunday, 3 May 2015

Portsmouth Royal Docks

A while back Mark and I purchased a season ticket for the Portsmouth Royal Docks, as we are down in the New Forest regularly and it is somewhere interesting to visit while we are here. On this occasion we decided to look at the HMS Warrior (1860), the first armour plated iron-hulled battleship, and found it fascinating and also very photogenic.

The photos I have shot here are a mixture of the iPhone integrated camera and the Hipstamatic app, including some in-camera double exposures.

Rope patterns - I just love this sort of thing.

Mark and a large canon ;)

Spinnaker Tower

I loved all the patterns and shapes created by the rigging.

The various cabins and interiors were beautifully recreated, so that it was possible to imagine quite well what life on board must have been like, for both the upper and lower echelons of the crew on board.

Mr B and me.

We had a look in the National Museum of the Royal Navy and we were both completely entranced by the many models depicting various nautical and maritime incidents from history. They were so beautifully detailed and immaculately made, but I think there is just something riveting about tiny scale models of things that really capture the imagination.

Rather scary looking surgeon's tools!

I really liked this sailor mannequin, and took a number photos of him with Hipstamatic using different film and lens combinations, trying to decide which one I preferred. In the end I couldn't decide so just composited them together in a frame of four pictures.

Stopped at Southsea before heading home, the wind was quite brisk and chilly and I couldn't be bothered to get out of the car by this stage, so all these last photos were taken from the passenger seat of Mark's car! Some double exposure experiments here using Hipstamatic.