Monday, 2 May 2016

Visit to Ramster Gardens

Had a most enjoyable trip to Ramster Gardens in Surrey, taking mum with me. We had a sandwich lunch upon arrival, sitting outside in the glorious warm spring sunshine, a little robin hopping nearby in constant attendance.

After this we had a gentle wander around the garden, marvelling at the carpets of bluebells and their subtle scent wafting towards us on the warm air. There were plenty of benches dotted around the grounds so mum could have a sit down to rest when she needed, and I pottered about happily taking photos on my phone.

We returned to the cafe for a restorative cup of tea and some cake, I had a delicious orange and poppyseed number whilst mum had apple shortcake. We then had a final wander around some different paths before returning to the car, and both agreed that it had been a lovely outing.