Thursday, 19 April 2018

Maulden Churchyard

I arrived early for my judging booking with Ampthill and District Camera Club, so after I'd eaten my sandwich supper in the car I had a wander around the churchyard at Maulden. The early evening light was soft and warm, everything looked beautiful and I felt very peaceful. It was just what I needed after an extremely trying journey up from Surrey!

Sunbury-on-Thames Walk

I had a restful and pleasant walk around my hometown of Sunbury, enjoying the exceptional temperatures of early Spring that were the hottest for a very long time

I remember how these gravestones used to spook me out when I was a small child - my friend and I would see them and run away screaming!

St. Mary's Church

River Thames from Thames Street

Inside the Walled Garden, one of my most favourite places.

Warning: I took rather a lot of photos of the magnolia - with the gorgeous light, it was just too beautiful not to!

Baby figs.

The tree we planted in memory of my dearest Granny.

Fresh buds on Granny's tree.

Down by the riverside. I used to feed the ducks here when I was very little.

Inside St. Mary's Church.