Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Travels Through the Spectrum Exhibition - Part 6

Monday morning and the exhibition comes down.  We are all worn out, so very glad to have Sarah, Sara, Keith and Phil to assist with the dismantling and all the packing of the paintings and prints.  The weather is horrible, pouring with rain making any trips to the car park unpleasant, and like a doofus I manage to leave behind my box of packing materials at Mum's, which Bernadette very kindly offered to go back and get for me.  All rather damp and dismal, don't want the show to end, but after selling nine prints I still have nineteen to go, so the search for a new exhibition venue commences!

Sarah, Keith and Phil hard at work

My prints and Mum's paintings
The rather nice mugs at the gallery

Bernadette manages to keep smiling!

A short film of busy, busy, busy in the gallery

Mum - the face says it all

Bernadette packing up Mum's sold painting.
Here is a little film of her in packing action, complete with sound
effects and lots of caffeine
My last print solitary on the wall
Boxed up and good to go

Mum and Bernadette - running out of energy fast!

Stairs up to the gallery
The lobby of Riverhouse Arts

Now will all this fit into my tiny sports car?
(Miraculously yes, it does)
The programme we featured in
B is ready for the rain
The ornate iron gate at the gallery - shame I didn't photograph
it when the sun was out i.e. any other day this week

B doing her best 'Worn Out' face

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Travels Through the Spectrum Exhibition - Part 5

Sunday was the final day of the exhibition, only open for five days, it seemed criminal to take it all down when it looked so good!

My uncle Andrew arrived first thing and bought one of my prints :)
Dad, Susan, Alistair and Diane came a bit later and also bought a print :)
Peter came right at the end and also bought a print, so he was allowed to take it away!

All in all a good day, despite the No Shows, the appalling wet weather (which may well have put off a few people from visiting), but lots of people coming and going throughout, lots of talking, lots of standing around in skyscraper heels, lots of fun, was really sorry when it all had to end.

Mum and Andrew 
Susan and Alistair 
Dad (I know he has his eyes shut, but its the only photo of him I took) 
Alistair and Diane 
Dad and Susan with their print, photo by Alistair 
Mum and Don  
Sheila, Mum, Don and Beryl 

Peter with his purchase

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Travels Through the Spectrum Exhibition - Part 4

Saturday was quieter than I'd hoped it would be, but maybe just as well since I was nursing a slight hangover from my birthday celebrations the night before - one too many Pina Colada's!  Had some children from the Saturday Art Group visit the gallery, the idea being that they look at the latest exhibition and then go downstairs and create their own interpretation of what they've seen using paint and various other media - a very good idea I thought.

My friend Ted nobly came over from South London on the train (may not sound that far but not particularly direct on public transport) and brought me a box of choccies which was nice :)  Mark came along a bit later with Scott, Alun, Matt and Kate, and Jeremy arrived with Romany and Ellis which was great.  No sales today but still a good day.

My car as it was when I returned to it last night - the last time I
park under a tree - that was one incontinent bird! 
Delicious chocolate brownie and reviving mug of Earl Grey 
Some of the art group children with their tutor

Ted (oh, the concentration!) 

Ellis and Romany look at my books 
Mark and Jeremy 

Another art group member 
Ted in his cool, unbreakable shades

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