Wednesday 19 September 2012

Travels Through the Spectrum Exhibition - Part 1

Joined mum and Bernadette (Mum's friend and neighbour) at the Robert Philips Gallery at lunchtime to hang her paintings and my photographs for our forthcoming joint exhibition. Luckily we had the very capable Phil and Keith to hang the artwork, and the helpful volunteers Sara and Sarah to assist with all the plinths, labelling and general arrangement. Elaine arrived at lunchtime with her beautiful raku pottery, and by the end of the afternoon when everything was on the walls and plinths it looked absolutely wonderful.

It seems that the three of us have work that really complements one another, and in total everything came together really well - photographs, paintings and pottery.

I am of course terribly excited as this is the first 'proper' exhibition I have had i.e. where I am showing more than a couple of photos. I cannot adequately describe just how wonderful it is to see MY photographs in frames on the wall, representing months of work.

These are just a few snaps of the general setting up of the exhibition this afternoon. Looking forward to tomorrow when we can welcome in members of the public and the private view in the evening - I may find it as hard to get off to sleep tonight as a child waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.....

Sarah the gallery volunteer
Keith & Phil hanging my photographs
Elaine and her ceramics
Sarah the other gallery volunteer

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