Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sculpture in the Walled Garden

Visited my Mum recently, during which time we paid a visit to the walled garden in Sunbury, along with her  friend and neighbour Bernadette.  Had a delicious sandwich lunch at the cafe within the garden, and then wandered around looking at the many sculptures dotted around the place, which were all created by different artists and formed a temporary exhibition.  Prices ranged from a couple of hundred to several thousand pounds for some of the larger pieces, some I liked a lot and some not much at all, but I decided to photograph them all regardless, minus one which I really, really disliked - a tall woman with no face which was just plain spooky and will give me nightmares if I have to see it again!


Mum and Bernadette


 Mum bowing down in homage to the view that
Bernadette once painted - very silly!

 Not sculpture but the sweetie colours were too good to pass up.

 Finally, the tree we planted in memory of Granny 
in Sunbury Park.