Friday, 21 September 2012

Travels Through the Spectrum Exhibition - Part 3

More photographs from the gallery, only iPhone snaps (complete with reflections on he glass, far from professional!) but trying to show a bit more of the artwork on display here for those of you that are not able to make it.

Oil paintings and watercolours by my mum Esta Koh, ceramics and digital prints by Elaine Coles and photographs and books by me.

Mum and her friend Penny admiring my books :) 

 Mum's paintings

 My book display
 Desk flowers and artist info and biogs
 Elaine's ceramics

 My photos

 My Artist Statement and Bio 
 Tools of the Trade!

 Mum's small unframed watercolours
 Elaine's digital prints
 My first sale, five minutes after the private view opened

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