Sunday, 23 September 2012

Travels Through the Spectrum Exhibition - Part 5

Sunday was the final day of the exhibition, only open for five days, it seemed criminal to take it all down when it looked so good!

My uncle Andrew arrived first thing and bought one of my prints :)
Dad, Susan, Alistair and Diane came a bit later and also bought a print :)
Peter came right at the end and also bought a print, so he was allowed to take it away!

All in all a good day, despite the No Shows, the appalling wet weather (which may well have put off a few people from visiting), but lots of people coming and going throughout, lots of talking, lots of standing around in skyscraper heels, lots of fun, was really sorry when it all had to end.

Mum and Andrew 
Susan and Alistair 
Dad (I know he has his eyes shut, but its the only photo of him I took) 
Alistair and Diane 
Dad and Susan with their print, photo by Alistair 
Mum and Don  
Sheila, Mum, Don and Beryl 

Peter with his purchase

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