Friday, 31 May 2013

Venice Day 7: It's Bloody Raining AGAIN!

After a not very good nights' sleep (upstairs clomping about at 2:30am FFS) I was less than impressed to get up this morning and find that the sky was not only grey but that it was pouring with rain as well :(  A sombre mood hung in the air as Mum and I had breakfast, prior to, donned in warm clothes, rain macs and clutching umbrellas we set off to meet friends at a local cafe.  However we managed to get a seat indoors and drank hot chocolate and coffee to keep warm, and passed a very pleasant part of the morning catching up and gossiping.



Deborah mentioned the nearby island of San Servolo was well worth a visit, and that it used to house the mental institution for Venice, which of course piqued my interest at once!  Over lunch I checked it out on the Internet, and decided to visit this afternoon, but like all the best laid plans I was unsuccessful.  Duly headed down to the correct Vaporetto stop, but on looking at a map and timetable it said that the route I needed was 'seasonal', and when the boat didn't turn up at the allotted time I presumed that the season have not yet started.  After yesterday's disastrous day in which I managed to take a total of four photographs, I was pretty desperate to get out there and take some more, so just got on the first boat that came and headed off to Murano instead.

Hopped off at the first stop and had a wander about, but kept heading down dead-ends in a very residential area which was not very exciting, everything was closed and no one was about so it felt like a real ghost town.  Then it started raining on me, and I was generally tired and a bit fed up with the lousy weather, so got on the boat back home again.  A nice ride the long way round, sitting at the back outside and watching the waves behind the boat which never quite caught up yet looked as if they would like to swamp me.  It was sheltered at the back so quite pleasant, and I found it very relaxing just staring out at the water.

Early evening Mum and I decided to brave Bar Arsenale next door for a pre-supper drink, although we both wore coats and it wasn't really warm despite the sun making a feeble effort to break through the clouds, it was still nice to drink spritz and prosecco and watch the world go by.  On to supper at Paolo's.

Mum sporting her new ring

Mum and Lilli at Paolo's

Supper - mmmmm, love those green salads!