Thursday, 30 May 2013

Venice Day 5: Ice-cream and Art

A bit of a lazy morning today as the weather was grey, overcast and chilly, and as neither of us had a very good nights' sleep and were feeling tired we decided to spend the morning in.  Late morning it brightened up a bit so I ventured out with my camera to just walk around locally, and then joined Mum for lunch back at the apartment.  She greatly enjoy finishing off the last of her Gorgonzola (which smells of feet) with a juicy pear from the market.

Later we caught the vaporetto down to Academia and walked over to the bridge to Campo San  Stefano for an ice cream at one of the outdoor cafes.  

Our waiter kindly offered to take a photograph of us, but in doing so must have inadvertently changed my iPad Hipstamatic settings from the ones I chose, so the pictures all look a bit washed out.  Nothing I can do about that now though!

I had chocolate, hazelnut coffee ice-cream and it was all absolutely delicious :)

Mum returned to the apartment after this and I had another wander about the back streets of Dorsoduro with my camera, before getting the boat back to Giardini, where I was hoping to sit at my favourite cafe in the sun drinking spritz. However as the 55th Biennale has now started, all the usual tables had been removed and it looked as if there was some sort of private event going on there, so I had to give up on that idea.  Instead had a look at one of the open air exhibits and then walked back down the tree-lined avenue towards Via Garibaldi.  Various performers were out doing strange things, such as a man with a black rectangle painted over both eyes and carrying a bloodstained piece of cloth walking very slowly down the avenue - unfortunately I don't have a photograph of him for this blog but I did get several with my my Nikon.

Later we went out to supper at our other favourite osteria in nearby Tana, where I had earlier booked a table as it was unusually full when I went past (due to the Biennale), but the heavens opened almost as soon as we have sat down outside said there was a mad clamour to rush in doors, and it was all very hectic and noisy for quite a while.  In fact we decided that all conversation was futile due to the decibel level, so we ate our shared pizza and green salad in silence with the occasional grin at one another.  The boss/head waiter remembered us from last year which was really nice, and told us that today, tomorrow and the day after they will be working 18 hour days to cope with demand from visitors attending the Biennale, but that after then it should calm down.  We said that we would be back!