Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Venice Again : Day 2: Shopping and Sunshine

We all headed off to Rialto Market this morning, to stock up on some fruit and vegetables. Another fine and sunny day, the wind noticeably less chilly than yesterday, so I decided to go out with no coat and only a fur-lined body warmer, and even that proved too hot.

On the vaporetto 

Near Rialto Market

Mum and Clare

Shop window

The writing's on the wall

The stall from which we purchased fruit and salad stuff, including some of those strawberries which turned out to be delicious, sweet and juicy.

I want these shoes!

Very important stop to purchase chocolate in vast quantities. 

Tempting spices.

A staple of tourist sales in Venice.

Mum buying some gloves from friendly stallholder near Rialto Bridge.

Artist at work near Rialto Bridge.

Was trying to discreetly photograph the man and his dog, but obviously rumbled by the woman!

More vaporetto passengers.

In the background is the calle which is a shortcut to our apartment from the vaporetto stop.

Arsenale Bridge, opposite our apartment. 

I've had SO much fun with the wonderful light today!

In the afternoon while Mum and Clare did their own thing, I caught the number 1 vaporetto up to Ferrovia train station, as I've never visited it before, to check out some trains.

Contre-jour to die for.

The piazza in front of the station.

I think this is the newest bridge in Venice, linking the coach station to the train station and it is sensibly shallow-stepped to accommodate all those hefting heavy suitcases.

Views from the bridge.

A close-up of that hoarding surrounding Santa Chiara.

Waiting for a taxi Venice-style.

A reflective self-portrait on the vaporetto stop.

Shooting into the sun.

Shooting with the sun behind me.

A bit blurry as the boat was bouncy, but it gives a good impression of the experience. Got the number 6 back from Piazzale Roma since it's quicker than the Grand Canal, passing instead along Canale Della Guidecca to Giardini from where it's a pleasant walk back to the apartment.

Continuing with the 'Dogs and Legs' series that I started last time.

Yes I know it's blurred, but I obviously had my hands full and the sun was so strong I could barely see my iPhone screen. Stratiacella and 'Opera' icecream, most yummy.

Very tired at the end of today, possibly even more than yesterday, so had a rest when I got back at 5:30 and later decided to pass on supper. No point in eating if too tired and not really feeling hungry!