Friday, 14 March 2014

Venice Again: Day 5: Bicycles

Yesterday we all enjoyed sitting outside Bar Arsenale so much that we decided to repeat the experience today. That took care of the morning!

Inside our apartment. 

Luca, the lovely dog belonging to Francesco and his wife in the delicatessen.

Mrs Franscesco and Luca, who is intent on flirting with Paolo.

Clare and Mum.

The Arsenale lions. 

Paolos's and our apartment (right and left respectively). 


From the vaporetto. 

Santa Maria della Salute from the boat. 

Accademia bridge. 

Fellow passengers. 

Rialto Bridge. 

I'm a seagull and I'm standing on one leg.

Fellow passengers - rumbled again. 

There are a LOT of bicycles on the the Lido!

Our view walking down to the Arsenale vaporetto stop.

Sunset on Riva Schiavoni. 

Those famous Venetian masks. 

Japanese tourists doing strange poses for the camera.

Day 6: Trundling Trolley and the Cimiterio