Thursday, 13 March 2014

Venice Again: Day 4: Glass

A somewhat slow start to the day. After breakfast and after Mum and Clare had drunk their heart attack-strength coffee as made by the latter, I suddenly realised that I could be sitting outside in the sun drinking hot chocolate at Bar Arsenale which is next door but one to our apartment. Mum was still doing a painting in her diary, so Clare and I left her to it and headed downstairs. Nice to be greeted by Pier Angelo who remembered us from before, even nicer to sit in the sun enjoying our drinks.

Mum with her new mug from Trei Oci, and her new glass ring from the local jewellers.

Bar Arsenale.

Love this view!

Clare with spritz, hot choc for me.

The joy of spritz!

One of the great hunts about sitting here is that it's right next to the naval base, so lots of men in uniform constantly passing - nothing like a spot of 'people watching' to pass the time ;)

View for our apartment, but usually the tree is in full leaf.

Mr Stanley, Mr Raffles (mine), Gregory and Barney (Mum's) with Carpark (the bigger bear, Clare's, on a sleepover with ours). How old are we? I sometimes wonder.

Some scenes from very near our apartment. 

Arsenale embarcado. 

On the vaporetto. 

In the afternoon straight after lunch I headed off to Murano on the vaporetto 4.2, which takes a leisurely and scenic route around the island. Lovely to sit on the back of the boat in the sunshine, I felt in no rush to get anywhere at all.


What a dear dog!

Glass sculpture, Murano.

Another glass sculpture on Murano.

Once again the light and shadows were fabulous, I still can't believe how lucky we have been with the weather.

Murano embarcado, heading back to the 'mainland'.

Waiting for the boat.

Salute from the canal. 

Finally to round off the day we returned to Ristorante Carpaccio on Riva Schiavoni for supper, and although our lovely waiter recommended the cannelloni which we did all have, we were still intrigued by the Scallops item on the menu!