Sunday, 16 March 2014

Venice Again: Day 7: Creatures on the Town

Last full day in Venice - sob! - but sunny and divine. We all went to Bar Melograno again, where Mum did a painting and Clare and I read books on our Kindles. My little friends Mr Raffles and Mr Stanley also decided that they had not spent nearly enough time sightseeing in Venice and insisted on being taken out to see said sights.

Mr Stanley and Mr Raffles enjoy their first Venetian spritz.

"We rather like this".

Mum contemplating the lagoon.

Posing in front of Campo San Giorgio

Best pals.

After lunch I caught the boat to San Marco, wandered up the calles to purchase another silver bangle from Claudia alla Fenice to add to the collection, and then got back on the vaporetto to San Toma from where I just walked, looking in various shop windows on the way. Not referring to map and no real clue as to where I was, but it is so hard to get truly lost in Venice and eventually I found myself at Ferrovia. Slightly footsore but pleased to have taken some reasonable photos on the way, treated myself to an icecream and caught the No. 2 back to San Marco.

Shop window decadence. 

Amazing and terribly scary glasses.

Killer heels.

More killer heels.

Creepy masks.

Shop door.


Santa Maria della Salute from the opposite side of the Grand Canal.

Tourists in gondolas.

Gondoliers hard at work.

Rather rubbish self-portrait in mirror of boat.

Ferrovia water taxis.

Mr Raffles at Piazza San Marco.

Campanile San Marco.

Doges Palace and the Basilica.

Mr Stanley with some gondolas.

Mr Raffles and Mr Stanley with the Bridge of Sighs.

Moon over the Arsenale.

Goodnight Venice!