Monday, 10 March 2014

Venice Again: Day 1: Arrival

Back in Venice for a late winter/early spring break with Mum and our friend Clare. Despite the fact that it is only March and the recent weather has been wet, it seems as if we have picked the perfect week and the outlook is sunny - hurray!

These photos all shot on my iPhone with the Hipstamatic app, using the very latest lens and film combination of Akira and Kodama.

Views over the Alps on the inbound flight

Coming in to land at Marco Polo Airport, Venice
Not sure what they are doing but it made a good photograph from the plane!
Clare and me
Because we arrived at lunchtime we had the whole afternoon in which to do things, purchased a week-long ticket for the vaporetto and headed out to Academia for coffee in Campo San Stefano.
View from the Accademia bridge looking towards Salute
Having been awake since 4am this strong coffee was very much needed!

Clare and Mum heading back towards the vaporetto

Academia Bridge is now loaded with lover's padlocks.
Clare and I both chose a ham and cheese toasted sandwich at the cafe in Campo San Stefano, but the crusts were decidedly cardboardy. However this ended up being a win-win situation for the local seagulls and pigeons!

Some very bizarre mannequin heads and hairstyles in a barbers' window in Via Garibaldi.
Resigned yet patient dog waiting for owner to stop gossiping with friends.
Pet shop window.
Father and son, toyshop window. 

Fancy glassware at Ristorante Carpaccio.