Friday, 23 May 2014

Extremes at The Horniman Museum

Last week I attended an evening of 'Extremes' at the local Horniman Museum, comprising of various events and performances, but the one I really went for was 'Extremely Rude' from Modern Toss. For those not familiar with MT see the website, although please be warned it is very rude indeed and NSFW, as are some of the photos in this blog entry.

Participants drawing on the 'F***yeux Tapestry 2’.

Had to ask someone else to take this photograph of me!

The Periodic Table of Swearing - press the buttons and it says VERY rude things - endless smutty fun.

Some of the 'inspiration' notes for the contributors. 

Jon himself adding to the tapestry.

The musical entertainment, not at all rude.

Polar bear and explorer in the new exhibition 'Extremes'.

Back to the Modern Toss area, I couldn't stay away.

Was very pleased to have my portrait done by Jon, one half of Modern Toss, in the portrait booth.

Tightrope walking in the gardens.

The musical instrument gallery.