Friday, 29 August 2014

Welsh Photographic Federation Convention

Arrived in Lampeter, Wales after a pain-free journey from London this morning. Weather was very grey and overcast, and threatening rain, but went out for a quick wander with my iPhone to stretch my legs.

There were various interesting goodies in shop windows:

The streets still managed to be colourful despite the overcast sky.

Campus finds:

Old v. New.


Supper at the pub.

Day two has dawned as dank and dreary as yesterday. It turns out that one of the speakers who was due to present first thing this morning and last thing tomorrow won't be coming as he is ill. Just as well I have both my talks on my laptop, have volunteered to help fill-in :)

Queuing for lunch in the canteen.

Vince and David.

Ian and Jan.

Joas and Shariq.

Larking about in the lecture theatre!

Amazed to find Sunday dawned with blue sky and sun, a very pleasant change from the extreme dreariness of the past two days.

Two of my tickets came up in the raffle, was exceedingly chuffed!

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