Sunday, 20 September 2009

Day 7: Lazy Sunday

Coffee at the counter, PJ Bernstein's

John and I brunching at PJ Bernstein's

Sign, Upper East Side

Flags at half mast at Italian Consulate, for soldier/s killed in Iraq

Newspaper bundle, Upper East Side

Breakdancer, Central Park

Breakdancers, Central Park

Sunday throng, Central Park

Align Centre
Abandoned newspaper; my feet, Central Park

John, Central Park

Musicians, Central Park

Colourful performer, Central Park (yes he does have a beard, and yes he IS wearing a dress)

Musicians, Central Park

Watching the Afro Bats, Central Park

The Afro Bats, psyching themselves to jump over the trembling row of tourists, Central Park

The Afro Bats, Central Park

Out late again after a slow start, (too much time fiddling with computer as wireless internet connection had dropped to dead slow, and accessing websites was tricky), straight across town to PJ Bernstein to take our place at the bar - the Maitre D (if such a thing exists in a diner) remembered us and had a brief chat. We were both still feeling full from last night, so only ordered eggs and toast, naturally accompanied by the inevitable bottomless kaw-fee, and took our time eating, drinking and watching all the staff and customers. There is something very satisfying about People Watching that we both greatly enjoy, so barely noticed the time passing.

After this, we wandered into Central Park for a walk, on a glorious, hot NYC afternoon, and being the weekend it was very busy and lots of people were out enjoying themselves. Watched some of the performers there, amazing street dancers busting out breakdancing moves and generally impressing the crowds, all manner of musical instruments being played, and throngs of native New Yorkers and tourists mingling freely in the weekend sunshine. Eventually had to return to the apartment to collect John's case and then head off to La Guardia so he could catch his plane. Guidebook said that "savvy New Yorkers" caught the M60 bus from 106th and Broadway, so we planned to get a cab up to there to catch the bus, but it tooks ages for a free yellow cab to materialise, and then once we got to the stop the bus took it's own sweet time as well. Once we were on and driving through Harlem/Morningside Heights, it soon became evident that the terrible traffic was a considerable hindrance, and there was the distinct possibility that John would miss his plane. I'd planned to go all the way to LGA to see him off, but at 125th Street he insisted that I got off at the subway station and head back downtown. Wasn't happy about this, but did as I was told and left him on the bus to continue on to the airport. (He later emailed to say that he had missed the plane and had been forced to pay $400 for a one way to Detroit - oh arse!!)

When I got back downtown, went straight back into Central Park, since it was such a glorious afternoon, and once I got there wished that I had my Nikon since there were even more street performers out doing their stuff, and a telephoto lens would have been handy under these circumstances, but made do with the Dinky Compact (which is blissful to carry about since it is so much lighter than my DSLR, which weighs a bloody ton) and hopefullly got some good shots. Ended up sitting on the steps above the Bethesda fountain, watching three black guys named the Afro Bats generally taking the p*ss out of the audience, with comments like "white people! Find your rhythm!" and "we could be robbing you - you're not home right now, are you?". They were very good, very entertaining, and it was fun to sit there with all the other people in Central Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon watching their acrobatic and dancing antics - was then quite glad of the Dinky Compact as it has video capability which Nikon doesn't, so was able to shoot some moving images of the Bats in action. Stayed until early evening and then wandered back to apartment along 5th Avenue, to relax and have an early night prior to my birthday, since am now getting seriously old and need my beauty sleep ;)

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