Tuesday, 12 April 2011

West Park Asylum - Quick Snaps Part 3

The final set of pinhole shots from West Park.

This was where we got busted and shifted!
Mark was spotted here by a workman passing at the end of the corridor :(
However, we managed to see more of the exterior and get into a smaller
building a bit further away, so all was not lost.

 It was by that doorway that Mark and I first met ;)


  1. I remember the day you and Mark met very well, I thought you were something of a celebrity. I don't know any other photographer in the urbex world that captures as much information as you, no stone unturned where your concerned, well done.x

  2. Astonishing. I can't get over the artifacts that are left behind! Great series again, Viveca, really awesome work here.

  3. Thanks Caz, I remember that moment too, meeting everyone for the first time and suddenly being in the spotlight, which was quite nerve-wracking, but so glad that I did - life hasn't been the same since!

    Thank you too Toad, for visiting my "other" blog ;)