Saturday, 27 February 2010

Afternoon in the Pub

Mel, Becci and I met for a Girly Lunch and then went to get our nails done in Crystal Palace, while our men convened at the pub to watch the football.  We timed our arrival perfectly, the match had finished by the time we got there :)  A fun afternoon/evening was had by all......

Most of these photos were taken using the square format pinhole camera setting on my LX3 (my new favourite thing).

Gruesome fake nail display at the nail bar

Andy with Scott in the BG


Phil and Brian

Scott, his cider, and Andy's opinion of said cider



Matt and Mel (aahhhh!)

Mr Blunders caught by surprise.



Mark and Mel

Phil and Matt, Tony in the BG

Scott and Mark

Brian and Tony

Totally engrossed in table football :)

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  1. the last sighting f my Blackberry may be hidden away in theses pictures somewhere!