Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cazpoo's Exhibition

Caz's exhibition of her photographs actually took place in November 2009, but I was using my LX3 without having properly RTFM first, so really had no clue how to use it and thought the photos from the evening were shite.  However, on recent review, decided they might not scrub up too badly as B&W snaps to be posted here,  because they do go some way to recording what was a great night.

So Caz, sorry it's taken such a long time, but here are some of your fans at your show!

Mark in the pub beforehand

Mark, Amon and Nessy

Scott and Jake

Scott, Jake and Amon

James and Amon

Paul, Tomasz, James, Andre and Mark

Caz in the middle!

Scott and Andre

Bad Boys


James, Tomasz and Andre

Jeremy and Mark



Scott and Jake

Scott, Simon, Mark and Jake


James and Paul

James, Paul and Mark

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1 comment:

  1. fantastic set of photos V.. it was a very nice evening out