Sunday, 21 March 2010

CUD, Brixton Hootananny

Saturday night:  Want to see CUD at Brixton Hootananny with Mark and Brian.  What a fantastic night!  It's not a huge venue, so the atmosphere is what could be described as "intimate", but all was really relaxed, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves (there was lots of male stripping-off going on), and the gig was completed with a stage invasion of fans dancing alongside the band, who didn't appear remotely put out by this.

Initially we propped up the bar, and as it became busier there we moved to stand near-ish to the stage in front of the DJ booth, but since this was on the way to the bogs we were right in the path of every beer-spilling (BTW that is "spilling" and NOT "swilling"!) fan blundering past on the way to relieve themselves.  Was getting to the point where I was thinking if one more person treads on my feet or elbows me in the chest I was going to lamp them, so moved forward a bit and soon found myself right at the front of the stage at the bass player's feet and next to the speaker - perfect for photos, I was kind of cocooned from the jumbled and undulating mass of avid fans, so not constantly being jogged which made it much easier.  Lots didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, because I wasn't using flash (thought being that close to the stage it might be a bit much for the band if I did), but there was a certain amount of atmospheric and moody blurring going on in the pictures I took (oh okay, some were just out of focus).

Anyway, here are some of the best ones:

The "Pose"


Dancing in the spotlight

Stage invasion!

The Francis Bacon Effect

Mark and Brian.  Yes.

Mark didn't know there was a small man growing out of his shoulder

Crap selfie but I was there, you know?

Cudded Out and Happy :)

CUD (where I get a mention & have a photo)

See video on YouTube: - thanks to epidemic271 for this link.

A bit of fun with Wordle:

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  1. Great atmosphere you've captured here Viveca. Really nice work.

    No problem taking a camera in, I assume?

  2. Thanks very much Andy!

    No problems with taking the camera in, or instructions not to use flash, but I felt that given my close proximity to the stage it was better not to. The photos still didn't come out too bad though ...

  3. You obviously don't know Cuds history when it comes to stage invasions :) it's the norm for them. Always euphoric occasions.

    one of the best live bands in their day and on the last two gigs performances they've still got what it takes, Great photos

    Welcome to the SpaceCudets

  4. Thanks very much Anon :) This was my first Cud gig, and very much hope it won't be my last - I look forward to photographing more stage invasions in the future!

  5. great pictures great night - I was at the last 'Last gig' up Kings X and pretty sure there ware no stage invasions that evening. .
    Must have seen them back in the day a few times as well, memory must be a bit hazy though.

  6. Cracking pictures!