Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Weekend in Cornwall Part 1 - Arrival

Headed down to Cornwall with Mark (very early in the morning) on Good Friday, to stay with his Mum Linda for Easter and her birthday on Monday.  Terrible weather on the way down, really wet, but all brightened up as we got closer to our destination.  Had a light lunch when we arrived, then Mark and I headed out for a walk in the local area, armed as usual with cameras and waterproofs, the latter were needed straight away as it started chucking it down when we were about five minutes from the house.  However, as promised by the forecast it was only a relatively short shower and the sun was soon shining again.  Lots of bluebell leaves showing, they will be beautiful when they come out, and plenty of daffoldils and primroses in evidence too, so all very Spring-like. 

First stopped at an abandoned paper mill in the Danescomb Valley, then walked on to Cotehele through the woods, stopping first at the tower in a the field where Mark was surrounded by cows when he visited at Christmas.  Had a look around the beautiful garddens at Cotehele, got rained on again (but nothing too major), stopped for a cup of tea and a hot cross bun (except it wasn't hot, much to my chagrin), then on to an old lime kiln and the mill pond for Cotehele Mill.  Back to Linda's over the fields along some very pretty footpaths liberally splashed with daffoldils, got rained on again once more, just as we were left the relative shelter of the path under the trees and entered a field, but it wasn't too bad.  All in all a lovely walk and lots to see, very nice to be out and about away from London enjoying the Cornish scenery.  I am a Townie at heart, but I do love being in the countryside!

With the exception of the black and white photos, all these were taken with my LX3 using the pinhole camera setting, and all straight out of camera, no PP.

Traffic jam on the M5 on way down

Paper mill in Danescomb Valley

Path through the woods. 

 Reflections of the sky


 Mark photographing some Wood Anemones

 Prince Charming waiting to come and claim me from the top of my tower :)

He made it!

 Cotehele orchard


My lovely wellies, my lovely man at the other end

Photographer at work

The cobbled path at Cotehele

The chapel at Cotehele where the Eark of Edgecombe hid from the King's men

Lime kiln

The mill pond for Cotehele Mill

It's a chicken!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, like the soft tones and gentle light.