Friday, 16 April 2010

Distinctions and Distractions in Bath

Mark drove be down to Bath very early on Wednesday morning, as we headed to the Royal Photographic Society for my Licentiateship panel to be judged and either recommended for LRPS or not.  My work was the third to be viewed by the panel of judges, and after they had failed the first two entrants I was very nervous, but all was fine and they recommended me for the distinction, saying (most gratifyingly) that my work was "well above a pass mark".  Woo hoo!  Was so excited and happy, it was brilliant to have my work recognised and commended in this way, and has given me an enormous confidence boost to get out there and really do something about making photography into a career for myself.  Watch this space!

Thank you to my wonderful man for driving me to Bath, taking me to the Queensbury and treating me to a night of Boutique Hotel luxury to celebrate my achievement.  Mark, you're a Star and I don't care who knows it ... X X X

That was a very nice omelette

Celebrating in the pub afterwards

My Handsome Man ;)

Chocolate boobies (an Easter egg subs-tit-ute perhaps?)

Prayer books in Bath Cathedral


Looking up in Bath Cathedral

Red kneelers

A bit over-exposed but using Idiot Mode on LX3,
and I just liked the carving emerging from the shadows.

Pew end

"I Dreamed Kind Jesus"
A sculpture inspired by the war poetry of Wilfred Owen
by Simon Burns-Cox


Mark reading tombstones

The beautiful ceiling of Bath Cathedral

Pulteney Bridge and the River Avon

Miniature designer handbags, seen in the most
amazing shop of collectible dolls house furniture.
No Prada though, which was a bit disappointing ;)

Mark and I all glammed up for our celebratory evening meal
in the Olive Tree restaurant, part of the Queensbury Hotel

Mark in the centre of the Royal Circus

He was shooting the frames for this clever piece:

The Royal Crescent, Bath

On the right: a VW Scirocco, the first car I ever owned.
On the left, a Mazda MX5 which is the car I now own.
(Not these actual cars I hasten to add!)

Mark in the Royal Crescent

Mark and I doing the Tourist Thang at the Roman Baths -
the thingy around his neck is the (very informative) audio guide

Bath Cathedral from the roof of the Roman Baths

Various Roman emperors gaze down imperiously
on the thronging tourists

Watchers modern and ancient

Model of the Baths as they were in Roman times

I can never resist a good skeleton ...

Artifacts at the Roman Baths

An ancient Roman curse, inscribed on thin sheet metal,
rolled up and thrown into the sacred spring

A Roman drain for the hot spring - it was steamy in there!

The untreated waters of the baths (and therefore
not quite as nice as it looks from a distance)

Photographer at work

The naturally hot spring, which was considered sacred
by the Romans and was never used by them for bathing

Pub stained glass roof

My Lovely Mark

No idea.....

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  1. These are wonderful pictures of your Bath trip, and congratulations again on the LRPS Distinction - really hope it gets you started on your pro photographer path. Big up to Mr B as well for being there to share the moment with you. xx

  2. Thanks so much Cat, I hope so too - it has certainly boosted my confidence in this respect! Mr B was wonderful, and I'm so glad he was there with me ... xx