Sunday, 11 April 2010

Staying at Clare's

Spent a night at my friend Clare's house, during which we caught up on all the gossip, ate lots, drank even more, watched DVDs and fussed over her sweet cat Nicholas, who lapped it up and purred non-stop throughout.  The weather was lovely, some of the first "proper" sunshine after what felt like a never-ending winter, so we were even able to spend some time sitting in the garden - blimey!  Thanks Clare for having me, lovely to see you as always, and for the first time ever I didn't get lost driving over, even minus a satnav - progress indeed! xxx

Nicholas blisses out in some of the first decent sunshine of 2010

Buck's Fizz and nibbles in the garden


Bay City Rollers fans

One of my favourite pieces of classical music

I wish I could really play the piano ....

No Make-Up Alert!  Arghhh!!!

Clare fixing our yummy breakfast

Irish sheep egg cup (it had to be done)

Clock details

The Adorable Nicholas

"Who, me??"

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