Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Weekend in Cornwall Part 5 - Morwellham Quay

Morwellham Quay open air museum.  All photos taken with LX3 1:1 aspect, straight out of camera, no PP (just as well, or I'd be here until Doomsday working on all these photos!)

Double reflection

These were HIGH.  1979 is so high, it's out of reach

A worker panning for gold :)

Olde Worlde Hat + Goretex = Dashing in a Strange Kind of Way

Generator room

More stick figures in peril!

Mark and Linda

Old pub sign

All the engines had names ...

Appalling shot of Robin, but zoom on a compact 
camera is never going to be the greatest

"I want to get in!"

Yes, I know, elementary mistake: flowers growing out
of his head - my excuse: photo taken very fast
before the food went cold!

Top Breakfast courtesy of Linda :)

Linda's gorgeous vintage chicken egg container

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