Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Wonder Stuff

Went to see The Wonder Stuff performing "HUP" at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on Saturday night, finally arriving after an incredibly convoluted journey owing to there being no Circle Line from Victoria or District Line to Edgware Road - I could write about it but it's incredibly tedious so I won't - suffice to say that we arrived in good time to see the band and also the support act (Amsterdam) before them.

Got a place right at the front of the stage again (woo hoo!) so was well placed to take photos and see all the action as security removed a large number of crowd surfers who made their way up to the front of the stage.  There was lots of arm-waving a wild dancing going on - at one point Mark got hit squarely on the nose with the back of some bloke's head - fortunately he didn't get a nosebleed, but he has had a sore hooter since then (I am writing this on Monday).  Still, it was all good fun!

One of the crowd surfers being removed by security

Just in case they can't hear him at the back

Mark in the throng

Security on hand...

It was mad in there!

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