Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Weekend in Cornwall Part 3 - To the Sea

All photos taken with LX3 on 1:1 aspect, and all straight out of camera, no PP.

Walking from Polzeath to Daymer Bay

Daymer Bay

Walking to Rock from Polzeath along the beach

Mark optimistically waiting for the rain to stop
so that we could wait for the ferry on the beach
without getting soaked (it didn't and we did)

Wet road at Rock

A pint of San Miguel and a large Merlot
(thawing out and drying off in the pub)

The fishmonger's counter at Padstow

The fishmonger selling us some crab for Mark's Mum

Tasty treats at Stein's

Waiting for our fish and chip lunch at Stein's

Kiddies portion of squid and chips
(for a grown-up with a very small appetite)

I was going to feed the gulls the last of my chips
(can't even eat a whole kiddies portion)
until I saw this sign - was very good and made
myself eat them instead!

Padstow Reflections

Better weather - hooray!

Catching the ferry back to Rock

Mark on the ferry

It's all too much excitement for this bloke

The ferry dropping off/picking up on the beach at Rock
(now considerably drier than it was when we waited there)

Moules Mariniere anyone?

Oh look, it's my lovely wellies again ;)

Stripy rocks in Daymer Bay

Me by Mark

On the way back to Polzeath

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