Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Weekend in Cornwall Part 4 - A Walk in Lydford Gorge

Lydford Gorge, Devon, described thus on the National Trust website: "strenuous walking, rugged terrain, vertical drops. Unsuitable for visitors with heart complaints or walking difficulties".  Luckily none of us fitted this description!

All photos taken with LX3 using 1:1 format, a combination of colour and black and white (no pinhole camera today), and all straight out of camera, no PP.

Mark and his Mum Linda

One of several wood sculptures that
were dotted throughout the gorge

Wild Garlic just starting to emerge

Beautiful Spring sky

Water and shadows

Mark taking a photo down the gorge

The Whitelady Waterfall

Mark and Linda

Notice on the bridge

Water, water, everywhere


Mark and I by Linda

We want to know what this green plant is -
will ask my Mum, but does anyone else know?

Stick Figure in Peril!

Tree trunk impaled with coins - lots and LOTS of coins

Linda consults the map while Mark has a sit
on the coin tree

Mark doing his whole Questing Explorer Thing

I could've used the one where Mark's pulling a sensible face,
but I decided to include this one instead :))

Mother and Son

The Devil's Cauldron

Hmmm ....

Slightly disturbing timber faces in the gorge

Spring reflections

Backlit moss-covered trees, of which there were many

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  1. A fine record of your trip, makes me want to go to Cornwall immediately, before it rains again.

  2. It was a LOVELY weekend, every day filled with good things, even if it did rain a bit, nothing could spoil our fun!