Sunday, 18 April 2010

At Last! Proper Nice Weather And A Trip To Hampton Court

After weeks of grey gloom and chilliness, the sun finally came out this weekend and I took the roof off the car for the first time in three years (not to say that the weather has been that bad for three entire years, but had no one to help me with roof or any place to store it, and it's all a bit of a faff), and drove Mark to Hampton Court for a wander around the palace gardens.  I had also painted my toenails and donned sandals in honour of the sun, all felt rather strange after months of fur-lined boots and frost-bitten toes ;)

These photos mostly taken with pinhole camera setting, with a few exceptions in vivid colour and black and white.

Look - bare feet! (and NO wellies)

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  1. More gorgeousness :) I like the empty avenue after the lone bird.

  2. Cat, you are so good at keeping up with my blog, you put me to shame - I really want to spend more time reading yours, just SO busy at the moment. THANK YOU for all your comments so far, will try and catch up with you properly soon! X

  3. Looking through your photos is like a glimpse into your life, love the bare feet shoots although I was getting attached to those lovely wellies.