Saturday, 6 November 2010

"Beauty in Decay" Book Launch

On Thursday last week I attended the book launch of my friend Jeremy's (Romanywg) new book "Beauty in Decay", a photographic tribute to UrbEx and the exploration of abandoned buildings around the world.  Held in the Resistance Gallery in East London, the selection of photographs were beautifully printed on art paper and looked sensational on the walls amidst the eccentric bowers of ivy which decorated the place, along with various other objects like a stuffed owl and dressmakers dummy.  Met lots of other urban explorers that I have so far only "known" via the medium of Flickr: Ill Padrino, Shando, Useless Psychic, Batram, Olivier Burnside, D-Kay, Rusty, Gaz Mather, so great to finally put some faces to names!

Some of these photos are a bit dark - I was trying to avoid using the flash as I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the gallery, but can see with the benefit of hindsight that a bit more flash might have been a good idea!  Ho hum, live and learn.

See these links for more information on the book and the gallery.

The stage is set....