Sunday, 13 March 2011

Manor House B

Mark and I have had a weekend of UrbEx, starting with Norfolk on Saturday, to visit a beautiful but VERY lethal manor house, that was literally falling apart around us.  Collapsed ceilings, fallen stairs, spongy floors and gaping voids were everywhere, making it essential to take extreme care and watch where one was putting one's feet.

All the following photographs taken with Lumix LX3 on pinhole camera setting.

Some of the very old documents lying around on the table

Organ details - it was a beautiful instrument

Looking up through the kitchen ceiling!

This is how dilapidated much of the house has become

The amazing old hand pump in the scullery

They thought this would keep us out ............... wrong!

All that remained of the second set of stairs

Ground floor looking up

The main staircase

One of the very dilapidated upstairs floors

Mark at work

Going down?

This upstairs corridor was lethal - there was a
strong possibility of ending up downstairs
without having to use the ladder to get there

Looking down

Mark photographing the organ

More organ details - it was too good to resist