Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Venice, Italy - May 2011: Part 1

Some shots from my recent trip to Venice with my Mum, May 2011.

One of the many large cruise liners that regularly pass through Venice

Mmm, first Spritz (classic Venetian drink) of the holiday

Mum in the kitchen of our apartment, painting in her diary

One of the mozzies stalking me in my bedroom on the first night:
got five, missed one, which bit me five times :(
View from our apartment on the Arsenale,
 the only grotty day weather-wise

Our local tabac

Mum in Francesco's deli

Statue restoration

the Venetian Fire Department rush by our vaporetto

Rialto fish market, closed the first time we visited

On the vaporetto

Accademia Bridge, looking up

Mum waiting for the vaporetto

My usual foor shot

Expensive cappuccino on La Giudecca

One of the many lions I 'collected' during the trip

Dorsoduro from La Giudecca

Carabinieri re-fuelling their boat

Supper out with friends Barbara and John

Post-supper ice-creams for everyone

Workman re-laying paving right below our apartment

Delicious fresh peas and Mum's diary painting

Hot priests and gondolier calendars ;)

Nom nom nom!

Some rather nice work by C215

Dorsoduro looking towards La Giudecca

Gondolier making/mending yard

Accademia Bridge

Mum at one of of favourite restaurants, on Campo della Tana

Santa Maria della Salute

Rialto fruit and veg market (heaven)

Mum choosing salami and burgers in the 'horse' butcher
(we don't think they were horse meat though)

Rialto Fish Market

Rialto Bridge

My grandparents favourite hotel, the Baeur on the Grand Canal.
They always stayed on the 2nd floor corner room

Lunch at the apartment

Our apartment on Campo Arsenale, behind the tree

Giardini Biennale

see also Part 2


  1. Great set there Viv, good to see the you still have the mojo

  2. Thanks for posting these wonderful photos. The mosquito photo made me smile. It is a 5-1 fight! LOL