Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Venice, Italy - May 2011: Part 2

The second set of photos from my recent holiday in Venice with my Mum.


San Pietro di Castello, complete with saintly remains in a glass coffin over the altar

"Who, me?"

Via Garibaldi

Some artists at work

Mum and friend Deborah

An Egret

The grand entrance to the hospital

Ambulance, Venetian-style

Isola di San Michele (the cemetery island)

The Lido from the back of the vaporetto

The biggest of all the ocean liners that we saw

Me photographing glass animals on Murano


Burano, the most colourful island in the lagoon

The giant ice-cream outside La Pinguina, where we bought many ices :)


Back of a seat on the vaporetto
(some things are universal!)

Gondolas full of (mainly Japanese) tourists, as far as the eye can see

Some interesting art near Crea vaporetto stop in Cannaregio

the house owner returned as I was taking the photo, and said it was "molto bene"

Paradiso at Giardini Biennale, sadly only discovered on the penultimate day

Spritz + view + sun + good book = BLISS

Another big boat departs Venice

Mum painting the view

Viale Garibaldi

From the back of the water taxi - arrivederci Venezia!

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