Monday, 21 June 2010

Father's Day

Headed over to Dad and Susan's on Sunday for lunch, day didn't start very promising weather-wise but did brighten up so it was really sunny when I arrived.  We had champagne on the patio and Dad opened his presents (a B&W self portrait of me and the "Top Gear Alternative Highway Code"), and then at lunchtime we sat in the garden in-between each of the three courses to make the most of the sun!

Dad (who is actually awake, he just happened to blink)
and my "Little" Brother Alistair

Dad, Alistair, Susan and Archie

I had to get my feet in there somewhere!

Archie leaping at reflected sparkles on the wall

That's worn her out (for about ten seconds)

Testing to see how close my LX3 would go

"Drat, I appear to have drunk my champers"

Blokes in Shades

Alistair by the new pond

Dad "resting" in-between lunch courses

Family portrait

Susan trying to photograph Archie (it's very hard,
the latter is rarely still for more than a nanosecond)

My "Little" brother's ENORMOUS feet next to mine

Alistair's three guitars and amp

Alistair showing me how fab games look on the PS3
(and they do, and I want one)

The dog finally zonks out .....

.... but not for long!

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