Monday, 7 June 2010

Weekend with Caz and her Family

Mark and I have just spent a lovely weekend in the countryside with Caz and her family, where we experienced some seriously hot weather, a spot of UrbEx at Potters Manor, and a bit of modelling for me in various parts of the abandoned house.  Caz used to be heavily involved in amateur dramatics and consequently had a loft full of costumes of all kinds, many of which she had made herself - a real photographic treasure chest!  Tried on a few outfits, narrowed the selection down to three, then we set off in Caz's car for Potters.  Here I wafted about in a semi transparent nightie on the roof, gazed Narcissus-like into the pond whilst dressed in a voluminous and hippy-chic dress from the sixties, and finally draped myself regally over a mossy flat stone in a glade of trees.  One of Caz's photos of me can be seen here, and there may be more to come so do keep checking her Flickr stream:

These are some of my latest shots from Potters, all taken with the LX3.  Some photos taken with the Nikon D700 will appear on Flickr in the not-too-distant-future.

Remains of an unfortunate mouse (?)

My Favourite Lady


Not sure what this hapless creature once was -
possibly a rabbit?

On Sunday morning, we had breakfast with Caz's husband Michael and boys Zak, Liam and Jake (the latter three all in various stages of awake-ness), of delicious golden-yolked fresh bantam eggs from her "Girls", then left the boys to their various devices and the four of us went for a walk across the fields and through the woods with the dogs Marmite and Frank.  Not quite as hot and humid as the Saturday had been, but still pretty warm and sticky, so we were all relieved to get to the pub in the village for a refreshing drink and some food!

Caz, Michael and Mark

Frank questing ahead ("do keep up people!")


Marmite explores

A bit of history

The "Tunnel"

Frank walks the plank

Michael, Caz and Mark,
with Frank and Marmite

Mark: "look, over there!"
Marmite: "no, look, over THERE!"

Caz and Marmite

It suddenly came on to rain while we were sitting outside, big fat drops splodging down, so we had to dash into the pub.  Michael was playing cricket that afternoon, so he took the dogs home and left us drinking and eating.  The sun soon came out again!

Me by Mark

Mmmmm, beeeeeer (Homer Simpson voice)

Mark and a big pile of cameras

The salt and pepper shakers

The Mediterranean Platter were shared for lunch,
along with a pint of prawns and crusty bread.

Frank, Mark and a Dead Football (but Frank still
wasn't going to let go!)

Mr Blunders Contemplates

Caz and her middle son Liam, who kindly gave up his
bed for Mark and me and spent a tortuous night on the sofa - 
thanks again Liam, hope you slept better on Sunday night!

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