Friday, 28 May 2010

Venice, Italy: Days 5, 6 and 7

Mum drawing my burnt toast in her diary
(don't ask, but she found it amusing)

My burnt toast (bloody toaster)

Mum's sketch of my burnt toast

From La Guidecca looking towards Salute and San Marco

Invasion of the Giant cruise Ships!

She played the accordian, he sang opera - very nice indeed!

Fruit and veg stall where Mum bought some cherries

Losing that unlovely shade of English Milkbottle

Spritz, the classic Venetian drink (very delicious!)

Mmmm, coffeeeeee!

Fly Away

Accademia vaporetto stop

My breakfast

Ponte dell Accademia

Looking up the Grand Canal from Ponte dell Accademia

Stone lion in garden of Pal. Cavalli Franchetti
(home of Archduke Ferdinand)

Garden of Pal. Cavalli Franchetti to the left

Campo S.Stefano

Stick Figures in Peril!

Calle d.Spezier

Campo S.Stefano

Front seat of the vaporetto (best for view and sun!)

Tourist shot of Rialto Bridge (inc. tourists)

I loved these Venetian winged lions :)

San Stefano

Mum: I said she looked like a Hamster

Mum: the result of the above comment

Riva degli Schiavoni

Butcher specialising in horse meat

The mouth-watering Rialto Market 


Cuttlefish or squid (something inky anyway)

Custard Tart!

I have a Bit of a Thing for photographing my feet
in-situ wherever I happen to be

It was a Custard Tart - but now it's gone.

Detailing the juxtaposition of ancient Venetian architecture
clashing in a faux startled manner with contemporary
Zeitgeist and sociocultural evolution (blah, blah, blah)

What Mark could have had as a present from Venice
(he got a tasteful silk tie and
choc-covered coffee beans instead)

Mum in the courtyard of Galleria Franchetti in
the Ca d'Oro

The galleria overlooks the Grand Canal

More Stick Figures in Peril!

Yet another Spritz (I drank quite a lot of them)

Seen on a wall near our apartment

Paulo's menu

An obscenely large private yacht that seemed to particularly
get Mum's goat (for being large and ostentatious)

Last drinks at Ristorante San Giorgio
on Riva degli Schiavoni

Goodbye Venezia ..... until next time .......

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  1. looks like a great trip just lovely

  2. Thanks Merriam, it was a *really* nice holiday :)

  3. Great memories of a lovely trip - burnt toast :(, markets and spritz :))

  4. Cheers Cat! It is actually really nice to be able to share these photos with a slightly wider audience, instead of just leaving them to fester on my hard drive...

  5. A photographic diary. I bet Mark was dissapointed about not getting the pants.
    Great work V.

  6. @Caz: when I showed Mark the pants photo, I get the feeling he was!